Smart Class  

What is Smart Class ?


Smart class is technologically that enhanced teaching and learning opportunities like never before with digital learning technology, equipped with a specialised software. Hence, students can learn more effectively and therefore are capable of retaining more information. It is a new vision in teaching.

Smart classes and our generous sponsors

Udayarkaddu GTMS primary school smart class room opening 23-03-18

Vaddakachchi Primary School 29.10.2019

Smart Classroom opening at Vavuniya Koomankulam Sithy Vinayagar Vidyalayam

Vaddu Central College smart class room opening ceremony 23.03.2019

Sponsored By:  Krishanthan Jogeeswaran Family

Smart class room at Sri Subramania Vidyasalai, Mullaitevu

Karainagar Meikandan School on 12. 07. 19

  Sponsored by: I Thavaraja Family

Smart class room opening at Analativu Sathasiva Madya aha Vidyala  31.01/2020  Sponser: Dr & Mrs Sahathevan

Smart class room opening at Sithankerny Ganesha Vidyasalai 28-03-2019

Smart class at Avarangal Nadarajah Ramalinga Vidyalayam 26-09-19

Sponsored By : Mr & Mrs V Sivasundaram Family

Smart Class Room opening at Nallur Mangayatkarasi Vidyalam